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20-120ml Sterile Urine Cup Urine Collection Test Cup With Screw Cap

20-120ml Sterile Urine Cup Urine Collection Test Cup With Screw Cap

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Sterile Urine Cup Urine Collection Test Cup With Screw Cap

MOQ: 10000pcs
Price: US$0.04-0.08/pc

Color:Transparent with green/red/blue cap

Bottom shape:Square、Round.


Volume: 20-120ml Available

Function: Good sealing ensures quality control before inspection.

Product information: 

  • It is used to collect and store solid or liquid samples, including medicine, urine and feces. The opaque cup is especially suitable for light sensitive substances (such as urine, bile pigment and porphyrin) or some samples that are inconvenient to display.

Product details:

  • This collector is composed of Urine collection cup and vacuum urine collection tube, which is made of Medical grade Plastic material, Mainly used for urine specimen collection.
  • Good sealing performance prevents leakage effectively, convenient for specimen storage and transportation, also can avoid the contact between medical staff and specimen.
  • The cap features a label that seals the cannula in order to prevent patients from contacting with collection needle.
  • Disposable products.


  •  Provide translucent and opaque PP material.
  •  Optional dispensing spoon, matching screw caps in multiple colors.
  •  Good temperature and chemical reagent resistance.
  •  Optional mold scale.

Packing: in bulk or customized packing.

When is the collection time?

  • Collection time: should choose to collect urine before the application of antibacterial drugs. Usually, the first urine in the morning should be collected for examination to ensure that the urine stays in the bladder for more than 4 hours. When Salmonella infection or Leptospira infection is suspected, urine is usually collected for culture about 2 weeks after the onset of disease.

What is the collection method?

  • Clean mid-stage urine collection method: Ask the patient to drink less water the night before taking the specimen. In the morning, women should wash their genitals with soapy water (male turn the foreskin and wash the urethral opening), and then rinse the urethral opening with sterile water. Discard the first part of urination, leave 10-15ml of middle part of urine in a sterilized container, and immediately cover it for inspection.

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