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3ml VTM Test Kit Molecular Viral Transport Medium

3ml VTM Test Kit Molecular Viral Transport Medium

Item NO.: 6834

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  • Product Name3ml VTM Test Kit Molecular Viral Transport Medium
  • Item NO.6834
  • Weight0.0100 kg = 0.0220 lb = 0.3527 oz
  • CategoryViral Transport Medium
  • Creation Time2021-07-16

China 3ml Viral VTM Test Kit Molecular Transport Medium

Virus Transport Media is used for the transportation and storage of clinical samples. Not used for microbial identification and drug sensitivity tests.

Storage conditions: 2-25℃

Standard Size:

  • Length:100mm

Test Procedure:

  • Put on gloves and protective clothing
  • Collect specimen with swabs,such as nasopharynx swabs and oropharynx swabs
  • Aseptically remove cap from tube,insert swab into the tube with medium
  • Break swab shaftby bending it against the tube wall evenly at the pre-scored line
  • Replace cap on the tube and close tightly 
  • Label with approprate patient information,send to the laboratory for immediate analysis.


  • The sampling liquid in the tube is red, transparent, and no precipitation liquid;


   1. It is forbidden to directly contact the collected person with the sampling liquid.

   2. It is forbidden to infiltrate the swab with the sampling liquid before sampling.

   3. This product is a one-time product. It is only used for the collection, transportation and storage of clinically collected virus specimens. It cannot be used beyond its intended use.

   4. The product should not be used after the expiration date or the product packaging is damaged.

   5. When collecting the virus specimens, professionals should strictly follow the sampling procedure; when the specimens are tested, they should be operated in a laboratory that meets the safety level.

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