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Centrifuge Tube In Bulk 0.5ml-50ml Medical Plastic Sterile Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge Tube In Bulk 0.5ml-50ml Medical Plastic Sterile Centrifuge Tube

Item NO.: 5577

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In Bulk 1.5ml 0.5ml 50ml 15ml 4ml 10ml Micro Medical CE Test Plastic Sterile Centrifuge Tube.

This product is used for the separation of trace reagents.


Bottom shape:Conical、Round.


Product information: 

Item No. Specification Bottom shape Color
4496 1.5ml Conical Transparent
4505 0.5ml Conical Transparent
5554 50ml Conical Transparent
5568 50ml Conical Transparent
5581 15ml Conical Transparent
4479 4ml Round Transparent
4487 10ml Round Transparent

Product description:

      Centrifuge tubes:

  • These high quality centrifuge tubes are molded from polypropylene (PP) and feature flat-top, leak resistant blue caps.The tubes are printed with graduation marks and have a large white writing area.Tubes have attached bluescrewcap.Engraved graduation at the conical bottom of each tube make it easy to tiny amounts sample.Can be centrifuged upto 18000xg.

      Microcentrifuge tubes:

  • Disposable microcentrifuge tubes are available in sizes rangingfrom 0.5mL to 2mL.The 1.5ml tube is offered with attached capsor without caps.Graduatedtubes facilitate accurate sampling.The microcentrifuge tubes can be applied to strict PCR experiments (gene amplification).test results: product metalbath from 0° to 100° within 10 minutes. Guarantee noexplosion cover phenomenon. Meet the requirements ofhigh-end laboratory, ensure the opening and closing tightnessof each tube uniformity.
  • The special type of plastic used provides thesetubes with a low adhesion surface and optimumsample yield.It is also graduated and designedto withstand the stress of high speed centrifugationup to 25000 xg.One-piece construction with snugfitting attached cap and reinforced tube bottomfor added protection against leakage.Tubes areautoclavable to 120℃.

Note: When we use the centrifuge tube, do not use one tube multiple times, pay attention to the sample volatilization and the leakage of some radioactive or corrosive samples; in the storage process, it is necessary to seal well; to prevent the centrifuge tube Deformation occurs during use.


  • Medical Field 
  • Third-party testing institutions 
  • Laboratory 
  • Scientific research

The function of the cap:

  •  When used for radioactive or highly corrosive samples, prevent the samples from leaking.
  •  Prevent the sample from volatilizing.
  •  Support the centrifuge tube to prevent deformation of the centrifuge tube.

Packing: in bulk or customized packing.


  • Qualification complete, contact sales for detailed certification. We can ship the face shield to many countries smoothly, like Germany, Franch, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Indonisia, Peru, Brazil and so on.

Production Capacity:100K-200K/Day

How to Use Amicon Ultra-15 Centrifugal Filter Devices?

  • 1. Add up to 15mL of sample (12 mL if using a fixed angle rotor) to the Amicon Ultra filter device.

  • 2. Place capped filter device into centrifuge rotor; counterbalance with a similar device.

  • 3. When using a swinging bucket rotor: Spin the device at 4,000 x g maximum for approximately 15-60 minutes.When using a fixed angle rotor: Orient the device with the membrane panelfacing up and spin at 5,000 × g maximum for approximately 15-60 minutes.NOTE:Refer to Figures 1 and 2, and Tables 2 and 3 for typical spin times.

  • 4. To recover the concentrated solute, insert a pipettor into the bottom of the filter device and withdraw the sample using a side-to-side sweeping motion to ensure totalrecovery.The ultrafiltrate can be stored in the centrifuge tube.

  • NOTE: For optimal recovery, remove concentrated sample immediately after centrifugation.

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