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Manufacturer Portable Digital Heartbeat Monitor Baby Fetal Doppler

Manufacturer Portable Digital Heartbeat Monitor Baby Fetal Doppler

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  • MOQ: 2pcs
  • Price: $18-19

Manufacturer Portable Digital Heartbeat Monitor Baby Fetal Doppler


Product information: 

Fetal doppler helps to assess the health of the fetus (no pressure test). This device can only be used by trained medical staff in hospitals, clinics, clinics and patients' homes.


Specifications Parameter
Power supply AAA Battery x 2
Feature Portable
Weight 270g
Type Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
Usage Home Clinic Hospital


1.Low noise


  • Medical Field 
  • Third-party testing institutions 
  • Laboratory 
  • Scientific research

Packing: in bulk or customized packing.


  • Qualification complete, contact sales for detailed certification. We can ship the face shield to many countries smoothly, like Germany, Franch, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Indonisia, Peru, Brazil and so on.

Production Capacity:100K-200K/Day

Usage:The purpose of fetal heart rate monitoring: to monitor whether the fetal fetal movement is abnormal, and to deal with it according to the fetal heart rate.

Inspection time: after 28 weeks of pregnancy

Inspection object: pregnant women with abnormal/normal fetal movement

Fetal heart rate monitoring The fetal heart rate is regulated by sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves. The curve of the monitoring graph formed by the signal trace of the momentary fetal heart rate changes can be used to understand the response of the fetal heart during fetal movement and uterine contraction, so as to predict whether the fetus is defective in the uterus oxygen.

In normal pregnancy, fetal heart rate monitoring will be performed once a week from the 37th week of pregnancy. If there are complications or complications, it can be performed from the 28th to 30th week of pregnancy. It should be noted whether the rhythm of fetal heart sounds is sudden or slow. Normal fetal heart sounds are 120~160 beats/min. If the fetal heart sounds are more than 160 beats/min or continuous 100 beats/min, it means that the fetus is hypoxic in the uterus. Treat in time.

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