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Saliva Collection Tube DNA Collector

Saliva Collection Tube DNA Collector

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Saliva collection detection rate is greater than swabs and painless when obtaining DNA/RNA. The method will not cause any discomfort to the collected persons and is easily accepted.


Simple: the collection process is simple, fast and easy to operate;

Flexible: It can be easily collected in the laboratory, clinic, or even at home;

Convenience: The collected saliva is stable and stored at room temperature for easy transportation;

Wide range: especially suitable for children and patients who do not meet the conditions for blood sampling;

Safety: Collect samples non-invasively to reduce the chance of infection;

Efficient: Sample processing is convenient for automatic purification, and DNA/RNA with higher quantity and better quality can be obtained.



1. 30 minutes before collecting samples, rinse mouth with water and fast after rinse;

2. Relax and massage your cheeks and spit saliva into the funnel until the amount of saliva (without bubbles) reaches the height of the saliva filling line;

3. Hold the tube with one hand to ensure that the collection tube is in an upright state and mixed with saliva;

4. Unscrew the funnel, and cover and tighten the collection tube with the collection tube cover;

5. Turn the tightened collection tube upside down and mix 10-15 times, put it in the packaging bag, and discard the funnel.



Packing list:
Funnel x 1; Saliva collection vial(10mL) x 1; Preservation solution vial (5mL, containing 2.0 mL of preservation solution) x 1; Saliva collection vial cap x 1; Barcode x 4 ; Sample bag x 1


Product order info

Product Disposable Salive Collection Tube Test Kit
MOQ 1000 kits
Price US$1-3/kit(price according to specification/quantity/exchange rate, please send inquiry, we will contact you shortly)
Usage Collection,transportation and storage saliva specimen samples
Certificate CE,ISO,Rohs
Advantage Factory Directly Price, FDA/CE approved , Bulk Stock, Fast Shipping Worldwide
Lead time  According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days
Shipping DHL, UPS,TNT,FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight
Payment Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, Ali Trade Assurance, etc.
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