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Supplier Eco-Friendly Splash Safety Isolation Eye Protection Goggles

Supplier Eco-Friendly Splash Safety Isolation Eye Protection Goggles

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Supplier Eco-Friendly Splash Safety Isolation Eye Protection Goggles

It is used for anti-scratch, anti-fog,dust-proof. Also used for avoid radiant light from causing damage to eyes.

Style: Fashion




  1. Anti-scratch
  2. Anti-fog
  3. Dust-proof
  4. Anti Saliva

Correct use of goggles:

  • Choose and wear glasses of appropriate size to prevent falling off and shaking during operation, which will affect the use effect.
  • The frame of the glasses should match the face to avoid light leakage from the side. If necessary, use glasses with eye protection or side-light protection.
  • Prevent the mask and glasses from being damp and compressed to avoid deformation, damage or light leakage. The welding mask should be insulated to prevent electric shock.
  • When working with mask-type goggles, replace the protective sheet at least once for a total of 8 hours. When the filter of the protective glasses is damaged by splashes, replace it in time.
  • When the protective film and filter are used in combination, the refractive power of the lens must be the same.
  • For air-supply welding masks with dust and gas masks, they should be maintained and used in strict accordance with relevant regulations.


  • Medical Field 
  • Daily Life
  • Laboratory 

Precautions for using goggles:

  •  Wipe dry with a soft and clean glasses cloth and store in a clean area.
  •  It is not recommended to share goggles, and they must be disinfected before use.
  •  When the lens is scratched, leaving a scratch and affecting the wearer's line of sight, or the overall deformation of the goggles requires replacement of the goggles.
  •  Comprehensive eye and face protection products should be maintained in accordance with the fingerprints in the product manual.
  •  Clean the protective goggles in time after being splashed by chemicals, and replace them if necessary.

Packing: One Pcs Per Opp Bags 


  • Qualification complete, contact sales for detailed certification. We can ship the face shield to many countries smoothly, like USA, Germany, Franch, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Indonisia, Peru, Brazil and so on.

Production Capacity:100K-200K/Day

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