Universal Plastic Laboratory Micro Pipette Tips With Filter

Feb 05,2021

Supplier Sterile Universal Plastic Laboratory Micro Pipette Tips With Filter.

This product is suitable for ordinary type.We also have products suitable for automated conductive tip.


Sterile:Sterile or not.

Product information: 

Item No. Specification Quantity Tip Color
4668 100uL 96pcs/box Black
4676 1000uL 96pcs/box Black
4688 1000uL 96pcs/box Black
4699 300uL 96pcs/box Black
1-1 10uL 96pcs/box Transparent
2-1 200uL 96pcs/box Yellow Transparent
3-1 200uL 96pcs/box Yellow Transparent
4-1 100uL 96pcs/box Transparent
5-1 20uL 96pcs/box Transparent
6-1 1250uL 96pcs/box Transparent
7-1 1000uL 100pcs/box Blue Transparent
8-1 1000uL 100pcs/box Blue Transparent
5099 250uL 96pcs/box Transparent
5120 250uL 96pcs/box Transparent

Product description:

  • The hydrophobic filter core used in the suction nozzle with the filter core can prevent the sample from entering the pipette and also prevent the impurities in the pipette from contaminating the sample. Especially suitable for PCR experiments and samples with radioactivity, biotoxicity, corrosiveness and volatility.
  • Universal Fit Tip The specially designed angle of the Axygen tip effectively reduces the contact area between the tip and the receiver to reduce wall hanging. The ultra-thin design of the mouth greatly reduces capillary action.


  • Medical Field 
  • Third-party testing institutions 
  • Laboratory 
  • Scientific research


  •  Prevent aerosols and liquids from being sucked into the pipette
  •  The tip is made of medical grade polypropylene, and the filter element is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which has good hydrophobicity.
  •  The filter element effectively forms a protective structure between the pipette and the sample to ensure the safety of sample aspiration;Reduce the hazard of gas residue in the gun body to the operator during the pipetting process, and improve the repeatability of the experiment.
  • Provide low-adsorption and ordinary filter tips, no coating design, will not pollute the sample, the surface of the low-adsorption tips is completely hydrophobic
  • Can be autoclaved
  • Provide aseptic rack and ordinary bulk

Packing: 96pcs per box


  • Qualification complete, contact sales for detailed certification. We can ship the face shield to many countries smoothly, like Germany, Franch, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Indonisia, Peru, Brazil and so on.

Production Capacity:100K-200K/Day

Does the product meet your requirements?   Yes!

  • The Filtered Pipette Tips is designed to meet or exceed the pipettor manufacturers' specifications.Ensure thateach of the crux size, accuracy error control within ±1Dmm, molded by Germany's ARBURG injection moldingsystem production and processing, with strict production management system to ensure that no batch of productsDifference. Unique inner wall silicification treatment, no dip liquid, ensure the accuracy of specimen transfer.The Robotic tip with high concentricity, Smooth inside, without burr.Fully meet the strict requirements of Inspectionnstrument on consumables. Perfect fit the Tecan style.Packaged in bulk, or in convenient autoclavable racks.

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