Company Profile

Zhejiang Kangmin Medical & Healthcare Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,specializes in manufacturing various kinds of swabs and other disposable medical consumables products for healthcare.Such as medical swab,PCR plate and pipette tips,etc.
Our production area covers 10000 square meters including standard workshops of 5000 square meters. We are equipped with 15 advanced production lines and an annual output of more than 120 standard containers.
Cooperation with our customers is indeed our number pride. We have obtained sanitary license and medical instruments production license. We are also certificated by ISO as well as CE. Lanxi Kangmin Export & Import Co,.LTD is our subsidiary corporation, which sells our personal care products worldwide.
Our ideology is highly inclined to the satisfaction of our customers and we are very committed to make every project a success.

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OEM&ODM customized

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Perfect quality inspection system

Factory Profile

We follow intense quality control measures, audits and periodic reviews to ensure our plant, warehouse and maintenance system sun effectively and efficiently leaving no compromise on the quality served to the end user.

Our Management Team

For Kangmin,We adhere to the concept of quality first to serve our customers wholeheartedly, being professional and being extractive.
We cultivate factories and customers together to satisfy the consumers.